Making the decision to transition a parent or loved one with dementia into a memory care facility can bring a whole host of emotions along with it. You may be feeling anxious about how your loved one will be cared for, nervous about how they’ll react to the change, relieved to unload some of the burden memory loss can cause, and even hopeful that the arrangement will benefit them in the long run. Undoubtedly, your first priority will be setting your loved one up for success in their new home, and one of the most important steps in doing that is helping memory care staff get to know your loved one.

Caring for someone with memory loss is a challenging task that requires patience, flexibility, and compassion. Caregivers must adapt to meet the changing needs of residents with memory loss as they lose some of their ability to remember, communicate, and reason. The better a caregiver knows a resident, the easier it will be for them to provide them with the best care possible. Once a caregiver knows a resident’s tendencies, temperament, likes and dislikes, and routines, they’ll be able to keep them feeling comforted, safe, and happy as their dementia progresses.

One of the best ways to help memory care staff get to know your loved one or parent with dementia is to give them a roadmap to their life. Create a resource guide that details your loved one’s background, occupations, hobbies, family members, dominant personality traits, and more. Memory care staff can then use the guide to get to know your loved one better and keep it on hand for quick tidbits that will help them through challenging interactions. Whether in the form of a binder with sections for each topic or in a digital file, a “life story” resource is a great way for staff to learn about your loved one and find ways to positively engage with them. With a better understanding of who your loved one is and what makes them tick, memory care staff will be better equipped to provide them with individualized care.

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