Pastoral Care

Spiritual Guidance

Pastoral Care

Spiritual Guidance

Love thy neighbor as thyself. Residents at St. Martin’s in the Pines take care of one another from checking on each other to attending church together. 

An overwhelming majority of seniors report that faith is an important aspect of their life. The Pastoral Care Department of St. Martin’s in the Pines offers a host of ways for seniors to remain connected to and deepen their faith. Chaplains are available for pastoral care to residents and family members, bringing spiritual guidance and peace through the challenges of the aging process. Residents strengthen their faith foundation by attending worship services offered three days a week on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday across campus. Enjoying time with fellow residents and boosting their beliefs, are a few reasons that residents join in multiple Bible studies offered across campus. Whereas St. Martin’s is Episcopal in our identity, people of all faiths and denominations are welcomed to live and thrive at St. Martin’s.

Inside the chapel

Pastoral Care Offers

  • Personal visits with residents
  • Family support
  • Grief counseling
  • Resident advocacy

Extra Special Therapy

  • Pet therapy
  • Equine therapy

Meet Bella

It is known that a pet companion can present many health benefits to their owners and others, such as lower cholesterol levels that may prevent heart attack and stroke. The Rev. Jennifer Riddle introduced Bella to the residents of St. Martin’s when she was only eight weeks old. At the active age of two years old, the residents look forward to Bella visiting weekly. Bella happily shares hugs and pets with the residents reminding them of dogs from their past and childhood memories. The only proof that is needed to know if Bella’s visits make a difference is the smiles that she provokes everywhere she goes.


Baby Bella

Bella in the Chapel

Nan with Bella 2yrs

Ms. Wingo with Bella

Equine Therapy

The residents look forward to the days that the Rev. Jennifer Riddle brings a member of her extended equine family for a visit. Speckles, the horse, and Radar, the donkey, have visited St. Martin’s regularly over the years. Residents don’t choose to get on either animal, but they truly enjoy their visits.

Ms. Plyler with Radar

Ms. Plylar greets Radar

Mrs. Little with Speckles

Mrs. Little with Doc

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