Every year, 31 million Americans—or 9.8% of the population—move. Moving can bring the excitement of a new opportunity or the bittersweet finality of saying goodbye to a beloved home. But no matter the situation, moving almost always brings stress. For seniors who are downsizing from a family home or moving to an assisted or independent living community, moving can be extremely emotional and often overwhelming. 

That’s where Trading Places comes in. Brother-sister team Brion Carlson and Tara Holman have been dedicated to helping seniors transition into the next stage of their life for more than a decade. Their move management business provides comprehensive services to help seniors and their loved ones pull off a pain-free move from start to finish. 

How It Works

Trading Places is far more than just a moving company. Their dedicated team of professionals offers top-notch care for seniors and their loved ones along every step of the moving process. Each of the following four services provides an essential element to ensuring a successful and stress-free move. 

  1. Planning – A Trading Places team member meets with you and your family to create a clear moving plan that includes a weekly working calendar, mover selection and supervision, estate sale recommendations, realtor recommendations and coordination, advice on staging your home for sale, and a full project management plan to keep things on schedule and on budget. 
  2. Organizing – One of the most overwhelming aspects of moving is the question of what to do with all your possessions. Trading Places works with seniors to organize their belongings to sell, donate, store, discard, or keep based on their needs and new accommodations.  
  3. Pre-Moving – There’s a lot of preparation that has to happen before moving day, and Trading Places takes care of it all. Pre-moving services include sorting, tagging, and packing items for proper handling, as well as coordinating with independent living or assisted living staff for the move.
  4. Moving Day – When it comes time for moving day, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait to enjoy your new home. Trading Places oversees your move and takes care of every last detail. They unpack all belongings, set up kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets. They’ll also decorate, hang paintings, make your bed, set clocks, and do anything else necessary to make you feel right at home. 

Why You Need It

Making the decision to move into an assisted or independent living community can be difficult for both you and your family. There’s so much to consider and account for when making the transition that emotional, physical, and mental stress are often at an all-time high. For many, the added stress of planning, preparing for, and executing a move can be downright unbearable. With Trading Places on your team, you can leave behind the stress and instead focus on entering the next phase of your life with a positive mindset and a peaceful heart. 

Having the proper help when embarking on this new journey can make all the difference in setting you up for success as you enter this next chapter. At St. Martin’s in the Pines, we’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact Trading Places has had on our residents, and that’s why we consider them a trusted partner in creating a seamless, stress-free transition for our families and friends.