When dealing with change, fear of the unknown is often the biggest hurdle to overcome. But when you’re armed with a plan, it can make the transition you’re facing much easier to handle. For aging adults at the cusp of entering a new phase of life, the same holds true. When navigating the many changes that come along with aging, it pays to be prepared. Rather than diving headfirst into the unknown and dealing with the uncertainty of aging on their own, seniors can gain the support they need to age with grace and confidence with the help of a life plan community like St. Martin’s in the Pines.

A recent study found that life plan communities can increase the lifespan of older adults in addition to enhancing their overall quality of life. In The Age Well Study, the Mather Institute compared wellness outcomes in adults living in life plan communities versus the community-at-large. The five-year longitudinal study compared survey results from more than 5,000 residents at life plan communities across the nation and 1,000 similarly aged adults who live in the community-at-large.

Overall, the study had five main findings. Life plan community residents had higher levels of satisfaction with life than older adults who live in the general community. They also exhibited higher resilience, meaning they were more capable of recovering from stressful events. Their overall moods were more positive, they had lower levels of hopelessness, and they were more optimistic about life than pessimistic. Together, these benefits work together to positively impact the lifespan of older adults. 

By offering the necessary support and care for older adults, life plan communities can help seniors take charge of their lives and focus on the things that make life fulfilling. From learning a new hobby, spending more time with family and loved ones, or building new relationships and friendships, mood-boosting activities can take center stage for residents at life plan communities. Without the stress of having to keep up with their home and yard, they’ll be able to devote time to things that can improve their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Maybe they find more time to go on walks, meditate, or attend faith-based gatherings. This improved overall health leads to longer lifespans.

At St. Martin’s in the Pines, seniors can increase their lifespan by benefiting from all of the incredible outcomes of living in a life plan community. With lovely amenities, engaging social events and programming, comprehensive health care services, and a dedicated, caring staff, seniors can sit back, relax, and extend the number of years they have to live life to its fullest. If you’re interested in making your golden years really shine, reach out to St. Martin’s in the Pines to schedule a tour by clicking here.