As couples age, often their needs and desires do too. For individuals in healthy relationships, one thing that doesn’t change is their love for one another and desire to spend time together. An assisted living community can be the perfect solution for seniors in relationships who want to spend their time making memories together rather than struggling to maintain their home or provide adequate care for one another. Here are 5 reasons joint assisted living is an ideal option for senior couples.

1. A Continuum of Care

While a senior couple may want to do everything together, they can’t control the rate at which their health declines and they need additional care. A senior living facility can ensure that both individuals in a couple receive health care that’s suited to their specialized needs. For example, St. Martin’s in the Pines offers a variety of living and care options, ranging from independent living to memory care and skilled nursing care. If a couple’s health needs require them to live in different areas of one community, it’s extremely easy for them to visit and see each other throughout the day and night.

2. Time for Each Other

One of the biggest struggles aging adults face is the ability to keep up with everyday tasks and chores. From taking care of indoor work like vacuuming and dusting, to maintaining a lawn and outdoor landscaping, responsibilities that once felt commonplace can become a huge strain on older adults. By moving into an independent living facility, couples can shed the burden of maintaining large homes and properties and spend the time saved on meaningful activities and hobbies that enrich their quality of life.

3. Activities to Explore Together and Apart

Senior living communities are bursting with life. There’s always a new class to take, hobby to practice, activity to try, and party to attend. For couples who have different interests, a senior living community can be a great way to individually explore new interests or deepen old hobbies without the inconvenience of separating and driving all over town to take part. Additionally, the full schedule of activities and events at senior living communities makes it easy for senior couples to date and encourages them to keep the spark alive with dedicated time together.

4. Familiarities of Home

For older adults, making the jump to a senior living community after years of living on their own is a big step. They may be worried about giving up their independence or leaving a home that they’ve come to know and love over several years or even decades. Having a partner to provide a piece of “home” and comfort along every step of the journey can be paramount to a successful transition.

5. A Variety of Accommodation Styles

No two couples are the same. While some couples love spending every waking moment right next to each other, others prefer to have a little space. Fortunately, senior living facilities offer a variety of accommodation styles to suit any couple’s preferences. For example, maybe a couple prefers to sleep in separate bedrooms because one member of the relationship snores and the other is a light sleeper. In that case, a two-bedroom suite may be the perfect option.

When it comes to selecting a senior living community for couples, options and flexibility are of the utmost importance. Learn more about how St. Martin’s in the Pines accommodates joint senior living with our massive variety of accommodation styles, levels of care, and activities and events.