Every stage of life comes with its own set of challenges and joys. As you or a loved one transition into the next stage of life, an independent living community may bring the perfect balance between stress-free living and autonomy. An independent living community like The Arbors at St. Martin’s in the Pines solves the challenges associated with living alone while bringing joy through easy community building and social activities. Here are five reasons an independent living community may be the perfect fit for you or a loved one. 

  1. Maintenance-Free Living

One of the biggest challenges associated with living independently as a senior is a stress of maintaining your home. At an independent living community, you get all the benefits of inhabiting your own space without the cumbersome chores associated with homeownership. Common upkeep tasks like yard work or repairing a leaky faucet are left to a maintenance team, so you have more time to do the things you love. Everyday tasks like cooking are left up to your discretion. If you love to cook, St. Martin’s offers a full kitchen in each apartment. If you’d rather spend time socializing or developing a new hobby, enjoy three delicious, well-balanced meals served daily.  

2. Community Building

As you age, it can be harder to meet new people and foster meaningful connections. Maybe you have difficulty getting to social events, or maybe you have your hands full maintaining your home. An independent living community provides a built-in community filled with others who are at a similar stage in their life. It’s easy to make friends and even easier to nurture those new friendships in this tight-knit community.

3. Social Activities

There’s never a dull moment for residents of an independent living community. With daily classes, activities, games, events, support groups, and other social functions, your social life will be more vibrant than ever. Maybe you’ve always wanted to get into painting but never found the time. An independent living community can make that dream come true. You may even find a passion or talent you never knew you had!

4. Independence with Assistance

The best thing about an independent living community is that you always have a choice. You can enjoy as much privacy as you like but have the peace of mind that assistance is on standby should you need help. At St. Martin’s in the Pines, all senior apartments are equipped with emergency call systems, residents have the option for a wireless emergency pendant, and a receptionist is on duty 24 hours a day. Your safety is also accounted for with 24-hour electronic and nighttime guard service.

5. Spiritual Guidance

Whether you’re a lifelong Christian or exploring faith for the first time, spirituality can be a big source of comfort and peace as you age. An independent living community can provide the foundation and support you need to build up your spiritual strength. St. Martin’s in the Pines gives residents easy access to a staff chaplain and pastoral counseling services to guide them through everything life brings.

If you think independent living may be the right fit for you, schedule a tour with St. Martin’s in the Pines today. We look forward to meeting you!